On Friday 20 January 2006 00:08, Alen Stanisic wrote:
> I received a February issue of Linux Journal and there it was, a review
> of Ruby On Rails and Zope. Which Zope? I have a pretty good idea and it
> didn't take *me* long to realise this was an article on Zope2.  I also
> understand that a reference to Zope means Zope2 but to someone outside
> of Zope world, they wouldn't have a clue.  If someone was looking to
> evaluate a new framework after reading this and even after hearing about
> Zope3 they will probably check out an alternative thinking the article
> was also of relevance to Zope3.

Yeah, I got this issue too! I have no clue who sent it. I was also wondering 
about the Zope version he was referring to until I realized it was Zope 2.

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