On Friday 20 January 2006 08:23, David Johnson wrote:
> I do think we will need multiple instances.  I would like to use Zope and
> perhaps replace Gadfly with MySQL. Has anyone done this in Zope 3? If so,
> how?  I would estimate based upon my preliminary tests that Zope with ZODB
> can handle about 300/tps on our hardware.

Note that Gadfly is only a very, very simple default RDB that we provide to 
test the RDB capabilities in Zope. Of course you can hook up any RDB you want 
to including MySQL for which there are RDB adapters. You can also look into 
sqlos, which provides mapping RDB rows to objects inside Zope. However with 
those solutions you are loosing some features, like versioning, unless you 
put some effort into the development to map the versioning APIs to sqlos.

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