On Wednesday 11 January 2006 15:34, Thierry FLORAC wrote:
>   Hi,
> I'm a french Zope2 developer (sorry for my poor English !) for more than
> three years now, having built several "quite-huge content-management"
> applications, and I just started to have a look at Zope3 (no development
> done yet).
> I started my Zope3 introduction by reading Stephan's "Zope3 Developer's
> Handbook", took a quick look at "WorldCookery" samples (but didn't
> bought the book yet), downloaded latest Zope 3.2 release and Zope3 SVN
> source repository, and now I have many questions...
> Principally :
>  - is there any "conception strategy" associated with Zope3 ?
   Don't know, haven't done any work with Zope3 except for checking out School 
Bell calendar.

>  - is there any place where I could find good and small applications
> samples or tutorials, notably about viewlets ?
http://www.worldcookery.com/  (saw this in a recent reply to another email on 
this list)

>  - I've understood that a Zope2 application is absolutely incompatible
> with Zope3, but is there any way and/or strategy to convert a Zope2
> application and it's database to Zope3 ?
Don't know.

>  - I'm currently looking for the equivalent of Zope2 "ExtFile" product.
> Before re-inventing the wheel, did anybody worked on an equivalent
> solution for Zope3 ?
See LocalFS I think. January 18 subject on this list:
[Zope3-Users] Seeking Zope 3 Equivalent to Zope 2 "LocalFS"

>  - I need to work with RDBMS and looked quickly at SQLObject/SQLOS. Is
> this the best choice to work with relational databases in Zope3 ?
I think it is like Justin Wilson (cajun chef) said about what wine to use with 
meals, "which wine do you like?"  At least that's the way it is with Zope2, I 
prefer PostgreSQL myself.

>  - did anybody compare Zope2 and Zope3 performances for a given
> application, as well as Zope3 "ZServer" and "Twisted" servers ?
Don't know.
> Many thanks for any advise, any link or any help,
>   Thierry
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I expect there is an archive you can search that may answer some of your 
questions better.  There is probably a link to archives in the monthly 
subscription reminder.


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