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This is unfortunate. I do think Zope 3 will get the recognition it deserves in time. I feel the Zope community is more focused on how it works than how
it is marketed and this seems like the best long term approach.

I think a mature open source project needs to be cognizant of both. Obviously, Zope will ultimately be chosen on its technical merit, but consider that the system will also be technically better the more people test it in real life, bring their use cases to bear on the design, and ultimately get involved and contribute. There is a duality between recognition and quality that's probably a little accidental, but I don't think ignoring one or the other is the best idea.

For Zope, this issue is compounded a little by the fact that Zope 2 *does* have some brand recognition, and has been a round a while. People have formed opinions of it already, and they probably associate it with certain systems (e.g. Plone, Silva, CPS). To a certain extent, Zope 3 faces an uphill struggle because it has to undo some of the perceptions of Zope 2 that no longer apply to it (of course it also benefits from its brand recognition).

People will shy away from it as it is not well known (like Linux in the
early days), but enough people will find it, and will develop great
applications. We plan on deploying it as part of critical infrastructure at
a number of large and reputable clients.  My biggest fear is that someone
else will discover it!  The whole "Crossing the Chasm" model.

Well, I certainly hope so. But the landscape is quite different today than it was when Linux was at this stage. Taking the "softer" sides of the development seriously certainly couldn't hurt. :)



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