David Johnson wrote:
This is unfortunate.  I do think Zope 3 will get the recognition it deserves
in time.  I feel the Zope community is more focused on how it works than how
it is marketed and this seems like the best long term approach.

Actually I think Zope3 is in danger of being rendered irrelevant by failure to get the word out. I was there back in the days of Bobo and DocumentTemplate (i.e. before Zope2) and today is a very different world. Zope3 has some serious contenders in other frameworks, and if they gain significant mindshare, Zope3 will fade to one of those oddball frameworks used by one guy in the back office.

Zope3 has some really cool architecture ideas, and unless the PR picture changes, I predict it will be gutted/componentized and those good ideas used in other frameworks. Although that's not necessarily a bad thing, that it cross-pollinate others, but it means Zope3 would have been just a (really cool) R&D project, not a production framework.

In fact at this year's PyCon the Zope sprint plans to work on making the Zope3 components more useful outside of Zope, encouraging this approach.

  http://tinyurl.com/7hvtn   (Sprint Desc on zope.org)

  "Maybe bits of Zope could be used to help write smaller applications
  than those that are well served by the application server."

That's where I'll be, since I've been experimenting with using Zope3 components to write non-web applications.


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