On Sunday 22 January 2006 11:11, David Johnson wrote:
> I think we will probably proceed on trying to make a MySQL adapter that can
> replace GadFly -- hopefully possible and not TOO much work.  I think that
> and a better SQL container (maybe sqlos) would solve our issues, as well as
> be a great benefit to Zope.

What are you talking about? Gadfly is not meant to be used in production ever; 
it's a toy RDB system with SQL support built in Python. It is a sample RDB 
that we provide to test our RDB framework.

Zope 3 has a MySQL and PostGreSQL adapter that are at least somewhat 


Note that the ZODB does *not* use those adapters to store data. Packages like 
sqlos (as you mentioned) are used to hook into the Zope 3 to provide objects 
that are populated from RDB data rows.

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