I'm writing a small command line tool that uses parts of Zope 3's
component architecture (zope.component, zope.interface, zope.schema),
and just includes those packages and a couple of supporting ones found
in dependencies (zope.i18nmessageid, exceptions, texting). No
zope.app, publisher, server, etc. And (at present) no C code, so no
zope.hookable either. And no ZCML.

I'd like to use events in my tool, but I'm confused. I'm having a hard
time understanding the terminology in zope.component / zope.interface
regarding Subscribers and Handlers. I don't know if those are wired to
zope.event.notify at all.

I don't know how to translate something like:

<subscriber for="myapp.interfaces.IBeforeInstallEvent"

into zope.component.provide... provideHandler? provideSubscriber?

I think I'm just not understanding the relationship of 'for' (in the
ZCML) to the provideHandler / provideSubscriber concepts of 'adapts'
and 'provides', and what that means for me looking to subscribe to an
event with a plain old function. Or class. Or instance.

Jeff Shell
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