On Wednesday 25 January 2006 07:18, Graham Stratton wrote:
> I am implementing a site in Zope3, and seem to be reinventing the
> content management system.  I guess that given that, Zope3 is the ideal
> framework.  Anyway, my CMS has pages, but to give structure I want these
> pages to be able to contain other pages, so I've implemented that.  But
> I'd like this list of other pages to display in my (custom) navigation
> menu in a specifiable order.  So I've replaced my container with an
> ordered container.  The problem is that the standard container view
> doesn't enable me to reorder my pages.  Is there a standard component
> which does?  Where did I go wrong?  Not using Plone instead?

You would have to write your own custom contents.html view for 
IOrderedContainer. The reason we do not provide one by default is that the 
requirements for an ordered folder UI vary widely from use case to use case. 
Also, you might want to have other more specific methods for sorting 
depending on your use cases. I implemented IOrderedFolder in 
schooltool.requirement, including views. So you could have a look there.

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