On Feb 2, 2006, at 4:41 PM, Florian Lindner wrote:

I'm still desperately trying to figure out the PluggableAuthentication.

Since no one has replied, I'll try my "30-second remediation" technique again. ;-) That means I didn't really follow exactly what you are doing, and I'm just trying for low-hanging fruit to help you. :-)

I perform the following steps:

1) Create an instance of my folderish, possible site (named A), content

2) I create a site in it.

3) I add a PAU in the default software space

4) I add a SessionCredentialsPlugin and a PrincipalFolder as plugins.

5) I create a internal principal with "Title" = "zope.Manager" (tried also
other ones). name = abc

6) In the SessionCredentialsPlugin I leave to "loginForm.html". I've a
loginForm.html view in my A-object)

7) I register all components (SessionCreadentiasPlugin, PrincipalFolder and

So that means that @@configure.html (or similar) has one credentials plugin in the right column ("Session Credentials (a utility)") and one authenticator plugin in the right column ("PrincipalFolder (a utility)" or something like that). Right?

If not, make it so.  :-)

If that doesn't work, try making the right column of the Credentials Plugins field be "No Challenge if Authenticated (a utility)" first and then "Session Credentials (a utility)" second. That's probably what you want anyway.

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