Hi all

I know Stephans Z3 Book in parts and have bought Philipp's Z3 Book this week and
I am starting to dig into Z3 in the next weeks hopefully. One thing I noticed
after some other people around - who are a step further on the Z3 Track -
pointed this, is that both Z3 Books are writing about Zope X3.0 and I was also
told that some examples in both books would not work with Zope 3.1 or 3.2

Wouldn't it be a great Idea to have a Zope3-Live Book around, like the PloneLive
Book? This would imho be the best way to keep up with the development of Z3.

Stephan / Philipp, what do you think of this idea, could you imagine that you
might create an (paid) online book, based on your work?

Kind Regards

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