Max M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Not calling it Zope would be a mistake, but how about adding a qualifier 
> to the name. Like microsoft did with Windows "NT"

I think that's what the suggestion is all about.
> eg. Zope DR aka "Zope Done Right"

Heh, I like that. :)

I think DR is a little too abstract still, I'd prefer a name that people could
remember a little more easily.

> The difference between Z2 and Z3 is really so great that it is not just 
> an upgrade of the same technology.

Too right. That works both ways of course - you can't port your Z2 apps to Z3
very easily (save for Five, which is kind of the opposite), nor can you expect
your (possibly sour) experience with Z2 to be valid in evaluating Z3.


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