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Zope 3 / Revolution ?

well, how about "Zope3, Reloaded" for all the matrix fans out there? :)

The idea of release code names adds a little spice. Most people like spices on their food, so why not on their software too? But the naming scheme really has to be based on the Tarzan series. Jim's a Tarzan fan. :-) "Zope 3.3 Jane", etc.

An idea that's bubbling to the top in this discussion is that each 6 month Zope release should include not just new software but also tangible improvements to the community, such as web site improvements, new documentation, and a changing of the guard (so that no one is assigned to write the Zope Weekly News for the rest of their life.)

but seriously, imho an additional name part can add something, but it's
by far not as important as a rather impressive web-site.  i've looked at
the ruby on rails screencasts today for the first time and i have to say
that i was quite impressed.  to have something like that would probably
do no harm, would it?

Well, has screencasts. The web site is also a lot less bland than Unlike, it's easy for Zope Corporation to justify the expense of maintaining

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