Zope Corp has released nine new packages as standalone Zope 3 projects on zope.org. Three are completely new to the zope.org repository, and six were previously part of the zc Sandbox on zope.org.

These three packages are brand new to zope.org.

  Our (second) take on the symbolic link use case.

What we use for drawing breadcrumbs and such; a dependency of zc.shortcut.

A very new cut at a ZODB-friendly directed graph, based loosely on some old ZC work.

These next six projects were already in the zc sandbox, and are now moved to full-fledged projects so collaboration is possible and so we share the "state of the art".

A datetime widget that uses the now-standard mishoo LGPL calendar widget.

One-way references designed to be back-references for standard attribute pointers.

Some *extremely* useful but sometimes undertested widgets, including timezone widgets and choice widgets that remember the last chosen value per user.

A persistent linked list that might be more appropriate than ordered container for some use cases. Well tested.

An approach to letting page components dynamically request javascript and css resources during page composition. Wants a publishing pipeline to be able to get rid of a heavy-handed replacement of the browser request factory. Good idea, usable and useful now, but could use more polish.

A very useful and powerful table rendering implementation, including the ability to have table-based forms. It has some rough edges that could use polish.

ZC has released many other useful standalone projects on zope.org over the past few months, including zope.file, zope.ucol, zope.locking, and zc.catalog. They all are worth a look.

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