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Gary Poster wrote:
> Zope Corp has released nine new packages as standalone Zope 3  projects
> on zope.org.  Three are completely new to the zope.org  repository, and
> six were previously part of the zc Sandbox on zope.org.
> These three packages are brand new to zope.org.
> zc.shortcut
>   Our (second) take on the symbolic link use case.
> zc.displayname
>   What we use for drawing breadcrumbs and such; a dependency of 
> zc.shortcut.
> zc.relationship
>   A very new cut at a ZODB-friendly directed graph, based loosely on 
> some old ZC work.
> These next six projects were already in the zc sandbox, and are now 
> moved to full-fledged projects so collaboration is possible and so we 
> share the "state of the art".
> zc.datetimewidget
>   A datetime widget that uses the now-standard mishoo LGPL calendar 
> widget.
> zc.extrinsicreference
>   One-way references designed to be back-references for standard 
> attribute pointers.
> zc.form
>   Some *extremely* useful but sometimes undertested widgets,  including
> timezone widgets and choice widgets that remember the last  chosen value
> per user.
> zc.listcontainer
>   A persistent linked list that might be more appropriate than  ordered
> container for some use cases.  Well tested.
> zc.resourcelibrary
>   An approach to letting page components dynamically request  javascript
> and css resources during page composition.  Wants a  publishing pipeline
> to be able to get rid of a heavy-handed  replacement of the browser
> request factory.  Good idea, usable and  useful now, but could use more
> polish.
> zc.table
>   A very useful and powerful table rendering implementation,  including
> the ability to have table-based forms.  It has some rough  edges that
> could use polish.
> ZC has released many other useful standalone projects on zope.org  over
> the past few months, including zope.file, zope.ucol,  zope.locking, and
> zc.catalog.  They all are worth a look.

Kudos for releasing these packages -- they all look interesting and
potentially useful.

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