On Feb 3, 2006, at 9:32 PM, matt wilbert wrote:

I have exactly the same situation, as I am writing a network management tool. I am using one big container and a local catalog. Then you can slice and dice as best suits you. I also think it is more extensible if you ever think you might add new object types.

There is also the relationships stuff in Schooltool. I haven't needed it yet, but I was thinking it might be useful.

That's GPL, if that makes a difference to you, and designed for intrinsic relationships. There's also

- zc.relationship, which is ZPL, relatively simple in concept, designed for extrinsic relationships between persistent objects, and pretty flexible;

- zope.agxassociation, which is ZPL, relatively simple in concept, and designed for intrinsic relationships;

- zemantic, which is extrinsic, RDF-based, and designed for the full flexibility of RDF;

- Jean-Marc Orliaguet's relationship code, which is based on extrinsic triadic relationships, GPL, and used for CPSSkins;

- Helmut Merz's relationship code (http://svn.cy55.de/viewcvs/Zope3/ src/cybertools/trunk/relation);

- and more, I bet!



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