David Johnson wrote:

I have created a ZPT Page which I have no trouble accessing:


However, if I try to access it from the following URL, I see the
contents of MyFolder instead of the index.html.


What is the proper way to acquire "index.html" in other contexts?
Zope 3 dropped implicit acquisition.  You could write a traverser
that did this trick, I suppose.  The standard "Zope 3" way is to
define the views explicitly, though: connecting them through
interfaces does everything I've wanted in this regard, but YMMV.

If I understand correctly, a non-technical web designer would not be able to
do much design work with Zope 3 unless they understand how to program
interfaces also or they would have to design the old-fashioned way by
creating a separate page for each item/folder they want to display?

you can specify "*" as an interface, then you don't have to write an interface.




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