On Friday 03 February 2006 15:11, Jeff Shell wrote:
> > I'm trying to think of other examples where people have produced a new
> > brand name by adding a version number.  MacOS X?  PlayStation2?  I'm
> I agree. Apple was able to get the message out that "Mac OS X = Mac OS
> 10 = A totally different architecture than Mac OS {6,7,8,9}". Inside
> of Mac OS X, Apple has turned their code names into release/brand
> names like "Jaguar" and "Tiger", but as a long time Mac OS X user -
> whenever those names come up in discussion (when did this feature show
> up? I remember upgrading to ..., etc), there's always the "wait, don't
> you mean Panther?" "no, I mean Jaguar. Wait. Which one was 10.3?"

This is an excellent point!

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