Wade Leftwich schrieb:
Is anybody using Sqlalchemy (http://www.sqlalchemy.org/) with Z3? If so,
any tips /examples to share? I'm building a semi-complicated MySQL database using sqlalchemy for a
non-web application. Now, halfway through, we're saying "You know, a web
interface would really be nice here" ... surprise!
Any advice or useful links on Z3 with sqlalchemy in particular or rdb
integration in general will be much appreciated.

Hi Wade,
we did some stuff with sqlalchemy and z3, so I could
help you out with specific questions - but to my shame,
there's no such thing as an easy, written tutorial for this
(or at least none I could locate).

We did 2 projects, but integrated sqlalchemy differently,
since the apps differed significantly - so I could give you
no general solution.

But you're definitely on the right way to integrate
a RDB into Zope3 ;-) - since SQLAlchemy shares a similar
valueset (quality, simplicity, open-ness to python standards/reusability
and style) with Zope3.

Holger Froebe
- Jena, Germany -

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