On Monday 06 February 2006 01:15, Brad Allen wrote:
> By new website, do you mean a Zope 3 advocacy site, or a general
> documentation site? Making a separate site for advocacy seems like
> a no-brainer (ala Pythonology.org), but the documentation site is
> another matter. Have the Zope 3 core developers decided to split
> Zope 3 documentation onto a completely separate site? Maybe this
> has already been discussed on the Zope3-dev list, which I haven't
> yet looked at.

Any site, any focus would be good. Anything at all is an improvement! :-) We 
have not decided anything about documentation. The only thing that we have 
done is develop a tool to generate the static apidoc, which is 98% done (it 
only has some bugs left).

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