Christoph Frick wrote:
On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 06:48:30PM +0100, Lorenzo Gil Sanchez wrote:

c:\path\to\my\instance\bin\test -vpu --dir z:\my_root_app_dir
[ traceback ]
ImportError: No module named z:.my_root_app_dir

dunnonothing about windows - but either the test-environment can not
handle the leading "letter:" or a relative path is expected.

Yeah, that's what I though so I try executing it with relative paths as you can see from my second try (in the original message).

ForbiddenAttribute: ('name', <my_root_app_dir.provider.Provider object at 0x034A2730>)

      label="Add Provider"
      fields="name phone address email"

is it possible you forgot to provide permissions for setting the schema?

<content class=".provider.Provider">
                interface="" />
                <require permission="zope.View"
interface=".interface.IProvider" />
                <require permission="zope.ManageContent"

where interface.IProvider should have an attribute ``name''.

Thanks a lot Christoph. That was exactly my problem. It's great to have so fast feedback.



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