On Monday 06 February 2006 15:02, Florian Lindner wrote:
> Ok, so the way above is the way to go?

Almost, except that you do not want to rely on position as you do when getting 
the pfolder name.

> Why is the principal class folder specific?

Because principals from LDAP or SQL might not have this type of information.

> BTW: Why does z.a.authentication.principalfolder.InternalPrincipal does not
> implement z.security.interfaces.IPrincipal? Or let
> z.a.authentication.principalfolder.IInternalPrincipal derive from
> IPrincipal?

Because InternalPrincipal is not a principal, but just the information to 
create one. Probably a better name for InternalPrincipal would be 

BTW, you should really read the README.txt file carefully again, especially 
where it talks about principal creation at authentication time.

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