> How would you do it in another framework? 
> One solution would be to pass along a nextURL field name. Would that work for 
> you?
> Regards,
> Stephan

You're right, of course, passing the return url in a hidden form field
is the usual solution. I've always felt it's slightly inelegant though -
whatever the framework.

I got excited when I came across nextURL(), thinking that there was
going to be some great magic which would do the job (I'm getting used to
finding magic - which I don't always grasp - doing great things in Zope3
"Revelation" <G>).

I'm not clear how to institute such a url passing scheme alongside the
schema driven form machinery. I can see that a custom nextURL() will be
needed, and that the form should include a field containing a value
derived from request.getHeader('HTTP_REFERER'). But where do I start in
order to make that field turn up in my forms... Would I need a custom
widget/field and a declaration in the interface I'm using for the form?

Thanks for taking the time, and thanks for your book...

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