> fruit = Choice(title=u'Fruit',
>                 description=u'An example choice field',
>                 default=None,
>                 required=True,
>                 values=('Apple', 'Orange', 'Banana', 'Strawberry'))
> I want to specify a default value for this field but I want it to be
> from the list of values.
For once I think I might be able to answer something.  Through the ZMI these
choices should be verified automatically.  However, in your implementation
class you may want to consider the following:

class MyFruitClass(Persistent,Contained):
    fruit = FieldProperty(IMyFruitClass['fruit'])

I use this and have found it to work well(if I understand you).  I poached
this from Phillip's _Web Component Development_ book (section 5.2).

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