Hi Ruppert

> Looking around I found the pagelet directive that tiks uses 
> to overcome
> the same problem in places like its fckeditor widget - is this the way
> forward? Is the pagelet likely to make it into the core?

The pagelet get move from tiks to zope and back again ;-)
But there is a replacement in the zope core called zope.viewlet.

first, we used pagelets which act at the TAL namespace 
and macro level. This seems to be to hard for many developers.
Stephan Richter was refactoring the pagelets and we implemented
the zope.viewlet which are a zope.contentprovider implementation.

If you need a easy concept for register a javascript, you can use
viewlets. btw, they provide a JavaScript viewlet base class which can
be used with the viewlet directive.

But if you like to use the Rotterdam skin, which I think will be 
removed in future releases (perhaps not the next one),
then you have to use the zc.resourcelibrary which Gary Poster

The resourcelibrary is a great concept which injects the javascript
tag into the head during post processing.

I didn't use the resoucelibrary, but I guess I will take a look at 
this part in the next future and perhaps use it also in Tiks.

Roger Ineichen

> What am I missing today?
> Thanks in advance for any sage advice.
> Rupert
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