On Thursday 09 February 2006 17:53, Max M wrote:
> Edward Pollard wrote:
> > Second, the existence of Zope 3 has completely shot any support for
> > Zope 2 continuation out of the water in our environment. Is this fair,
> > or is there life left to the Zope 2 tree we've developed some
> > experience in? Should I be considering pitching a Zope 2 solution
> > instead?
> Why don't you just install Five, and take it from there? Your old
> codebase can be gradually updated to Zope^3 technologies.

I second that. Several companies have successfully started to migrate to Zope 
3 by using their existing code and transforming it more and more to using 
Five as a bridge. It is incremental and pretty risk free.

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