Am Samstag, 11. Februar 2006 11:21 schrieb Florian Lindner:
> Am Samstag, 11. Februar 2006 10:18 schrieb Helmut Merz:

> > Is this really your code (registrationForm.html vs.
> > registerForm.html)? Then a 404 shouldn't be a surprise ;-)
> Yes, that was my fault. I've this registerForm.html in my
> history and tend to select it accidently. 

Ah, sorry, I missed this info in your previous post...

> If I change it to form_fields = form.Fields(IRegistrationForm)
> like proposed in another mail 

That's the correct way to do it anyway (see 

> I get another error: 
>   File
> "/home/florian/Zope3/src/zope/schema/",
> line 171, in get
>     return getattr(object, self.__name__)
> ForbiddenAttribute: ('blablubb',
> <CS.centershock.centershock.Centershock object at 0xb757a46c>)
> blablubb is a field of my interface.

Of which interface? IRegistrationForm only or also ICentershock? 
(and no typos? ;-))

If it's in ICentershock and you have something like

<content class="CS.centershock.centershock.Centershock" ...>  
  <require permission="zope.Public"
           interface=".interfaces.ICentershock" /> 
  <require permission="zope.Public"
           set_schema=".interfaces.ICentershock" />

in configure.zcml (and Centershock implements ICentershock, of 
course) then you really shouldn't get the ForbiddenAttribute 

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