how would you implement something like that?

What comes into my mind is:

1) Let the registration script create a PendingPrincipal object and store them 
into a folder. The activation script create a real user in the PAU based on 
the PendingPrincipal und deletes the PendingPrincipal.
Can I reuse a existing principal info object for that? I'm not sure about 
creating them in content space.

2) Create a utility that stores the principal information. The activation 
script reads that information and creates a principal in PAU (or let the 
utiltity create it)

3) Create (subclass) a PrincipalFolder and the InternetPrincipal object. Give 
the principal a activated flag and the Fodler a activatePrincipal(key) 
At the moment I'm not sure if I know how to do that, but I've not tried 
yet. ;-)

At the moment I tend to 1) or 3). What do you think? How do you do it?


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