Roman Susi wrote:

Roman Susi wrote:

An error occured within my own module, and I tried to look at
ErrorReportingUtility to find out what happened. However, instead of
comprehensible report I got another "System error occured" acreen...
Looking at the stout of Zope, I found this:

I got this:

[Traceback skipped]

I think, this is an error in Zope3 as I belive NOTHING should EVER
prevent looking at error log!

Please fill the bug report in the collector at

Some additional info:

 - it seems, that docstrings of the package I used contained non-ASCII
characters... But even then, I think this is Zope3 bug...

If you use non-ASCII characters in docstrings set '-*- coding: -*-' marker at the top of the source file and always use unicode strings. This way you can view docstrings in browser without any problems.

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