On Feb 13, 2006, at 6:02 AM, Thierry FLORAC wrote:


Probably a simple question...

I need to extract request's content from an event handler defined via a subscriber. "request" doesn't seems to be in a subscriber's context. So how can I get it ??

option 1: make the subscriber listen for an event that has a request attribute (perhaps one you generate).
option 2: see if there's another way to do what you want
option 3: grab it by force from the thread locals--something like this:

import zope.security.management
from zope.publisher.interfaces import IRequest

def getRequest():
i = zope.security.management.getInteraction() # raises NoInteraction
    for p in i.participations:
        if IRequest.providedBy(p):
            return p
    raise RuntimeError('No IRequest in interaction')

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