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OK, thanks to Alen and with some further digging, I can sort of answering my own question, I found some answers here:
zope3-for-zope2-developers.pdf from Phillip von Weitershausen. Thanks
Phillip for thinking of these legions of "poor old fashioned" zopistas! ;-)

So for the other newbies out there (if they search the archives later):

   * from Python do this: zapi.getView(obj, 'absolute_url', request) #
     obviously import zapi first

Or see zope.app.traversing.browser.absoluteurl.absoluteURL.

   * from a page template: obj/@@absolute_url

Also without doing any extra, it seems that objects don't know their
name anymore. No getId() or title_or_id().
But as Alen pointed out the parent normally does some magic, so:
you have __name__  (id in Zope 2 speak)
and __parent__ (is obj.getParent() in Zope 2)

as long as the object provides zope.app.location.interfaces.ILocation.

Mmm, I guess I'm gonna roll my own ordered containers

See zope.app.container.ordered . I thought there was a folder variant as well, but don't see it. Probably needs views in any case.

and pages that
have a title attribute.

Not sure what you mean/want.
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