On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 16:31 +0100, Egon Frerich wrote:
> for a content component I have programmed a factory to be sure numeric
> fields have 0.0. If I add an object without numeric values the
> introspectors tells me these fields have type "NoneType" and the values
> are "None".
> Logging informations inform the factory is called and these fields
> contain 0.0.
> The datafields are instances of FieldProperty.
> What have I to do?

>From my recent experience, I think you should :
 - define a default value for your properties in your content
interface :

    myFloatProperty1 = Float (..., default=0.0)
    myFloatProperty2 = Float (..., default=0.0)

 - define the "set_before_add" value in your browser package

                set_before_add="myFloatProperty1 myFloatProperty2"

I think that this should do the job you're looking for.


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