On Monday 13 February 2006 14:27, Roman Susi wrote:
> My little experience tells me that file include (while it makes some
> names longer) is more explicit, because I can use classes from the
> Content directory (usually up the path).
> That is,
>  - mypackage
>    + - browser
>    +   \configure.zcml  <- here I can use .mymodule if it is included as
> file
>    + mymodule.py
>    \ configure.zcml
> But the point is, there are at least 2 ways. And there are also, it
> seems, idiomatic meanings of meta.zcml (not sure what is the difference
> as technically they are the same as configure.zcml), etc.

Using the package attribute is better, since then the local package is the 
directory the file is in. The file attribute is mainly used to point to a 
file not called configure.zcml.

> So, lot of knowledge also is hidden in the practice of writing things
> some way. And it is not always self-evident where I see some idiom or
> required way to describe things.

Right, so that what books and other documentation is for. Teh books, for 
example, explain what meta.zcml does. In short, it declares new ZCML 
directives and thus meta.zcml files must be processed before any 
configure.zcml file.

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