On Monday 13 February 2006 17:06, Roman Susi wrote:
> If I compare this situation to Python, it is always quite
> straightforward to look at the source of the module or to
> help(thesamemodule) to see that I need first make an instance of some
> class and then use its methods.
> So, probably, Zope3 needs a kind of a tour which explains those links
> which are not explicitely visible.

Python is a programming language with some libraries not a framework. The big 
challenge of a framework is to be pluggable. So Zope 3 is ultra-pluggable. 
The downside that arises is that you cannot document a set of features in a 
straight-forward manner. And again, you cannot expect to understand a 
framework from API documentation. This is even true for Python; if you want 
to understand on what's really going on, you have to read some real 

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