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Steve Wedig wrote:
I'm in the planning stages for developing a Zope 3 application. It
would be nice to know my http caching plan ahead of time. It seems
that the two main options are squid and apache. I was wondering if the
most flexible setup might be to have apache running behind squid, and
zope behind apache.

My personal preference is apache -> squid -> zope

But that's 'cos I like Apache's rewriting and have more faith in it as a
front-end proxy for sanitizing requests and the like...

That's very interesting. If you understood Squid better do you think
you'd leave out apache? Or perhaps that not the issue at all for you.
I'm asking because in my company we've lots of apache experience but
less so in squid. It's therefore a potential security risk to leave
out apache.

And what about the performance overhead? Any experience you can share?

In my experience (and I use both Apache and Squid HEAVILY) Apache's rewrite abilities are nothing short of amazing. Squids caching ability is nothing short of amazing. The ability of one to do the other's job is "mediocre" :) If "mediocre" is good enough for your application for that particular component, then... by all means use it :)

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