Igor Stroh wrote:
> Reinoud van Leeuwen wrote:
>>On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 09:15:42PM +0100, Florian Lindner wrote:
>>>I also think that pure Latex would be the best choice. It's convertible into 
>>>lot different formats and can be edited just using a simple text editor.
>>Isn't Docbook a better choice? Is is specially designed for documents like 
>>this, and easily parsable. lots of tools around. 
>>It can (AFAIK) be read and written by Open Office or any text editor. 
> +1
> DocBook is definitely a better choice, there's db2latex for LaTeX
> (and PDF) conversion and various XSLT stylesheets for HTML.

To prove this statement, I've created a simple source tree that can
be used to automate the whole process:

|-- Makefile
|-- html-styles.xsl
|-- src/
|   |-- intro.xml
|   |-- new_chapter.py
|   |-- z3livebook.css
|   `-- z3livebook.xml
`-- tex-styles.xsl

Just run `make html` or `make pdf` to produce HTML or PDF respectively.

Dependencies (as Debian packages):
   o docbook-xml (pdf+html)
   o tetex-bin (pdf)
   o xsltproc (pdf+html)
   o docbook-xsl (html)

I'm using a similar setup to write my diploma thesis, so far it
works quite well.


"DocBook - The Definitive Guide"

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