Dear Zope 3 users and developers

I have been using Zope 2 in the past and was very enthusiastic about the Zope 3.0 release some time ago. Therefore, I bought both books by Stephan and Philipp. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to actually start developing. But now, a colleague of mine does have time and interest to get started with a Web interface to our Spyse system (

BUT I read on this list that the books that cover Zope 3.0 are outdated for the current 3.2 release. How should one get started now? Use the books with 3.0 and try to upgrade later? Try to figure out what changed while learning from the books? Where is up to date easily readable information about the changes and their impact on "old" code and the books? Will we see updated and documented sample code soon?

thanks for your help

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