Peter Bengtsson wrote:

On 2/16/06, Jeff Shell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
One could, but it's really not worth it. It's just the laws of Python
and mutability and immutability :). (It took me years to understand
those terms. I kept associating them with 'mutable' in the "can be
made quiet" sense... Eventually my music brain stepped back and I went
"oh, MUTATE! Ahhh!". Seriously, it took me about four years to
understand that :).

Wow! I think I love you Jeff. Not only do you reply with
non-condencending constructive advise you also confess to [past]

good try:-)
but that's a totally different ethymology, "to mute" is to make silent, to tone down ("muet" in French)

"mutate" c.1374, "action of changing," from L. mutationem (nom. mutatio)


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