On Feb 15, 2006, at 9:40 PM, Peter Simmons wrote:

I haven't seen it before in the Zope 3 community but maybe we could start a thing on Fundable.org to get some money for this thing. Or would ZF be the place to approach about this? I am not really up with the play on where ZF is at and what its going to do.

Anyway my company could contribute $1000 NZD (about $700 USD at the moment) to this to get the ball rolling.

Should I try to organise this myself or is there already people responsible for this type of thing?

This sounds fantastic to me, Peter.

I think the ZF, which should easily be launched soon enough to be a part of this, certainly should be involved. I have no idea about fundable.org, and how that might interact with ZF.

If you have not already been directed to the zope-web list, I understand that people are working on this there. In general, I'd suggest starting to organize and plan now, and planning to try and fit it within the ZF once it emerges.

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