Hi there,

Certification would go some way to separating mature projects from those in
their infancy, but in my mind what the existing Plone/Zope product
repositories lack most is a mechanism for user feedback. 

I would like to see:
1. Some kind of self-submission categorizing (or classification) as per the
existing attempts at categorization
2. A peer vote based ranking system that can be used as a sort, with a
nominal minimum number of votes before it can be ranked.
3. Another sort by 'popular' packages - ie by the number of votes above
4. Certified 1-4 packages getting listed first 
5. User comments

I think this would go a long way to identify those little gems that
otherwise only get picked up by accident or referral from the mailing lists
because the author has no real interest in the process, and needs cajoling
just to write up some adequate docs. Certification processes seem likely to
reflect the existing use of a package rather than encourage new development
or innovation.



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