Hi all,

Recently, I've been doing some thinking about cool ways to introduce a
Python programmer to Zope3.  Baiju has done a great job with his
bookmarker app in his "Zope3 in 30 Minutes".  The upside (and what was
it was designed for) is simplicity, but it's not especially useful or
"cool" past the learning value.

Likewise, Stephan's message board app is great for a very in-depth
introduction to Zope3.  The upside is that it covers most everything
and the application itself could be useful; however it gets very
involved very quickly, and I argue it would be biting off more than a
someone simply exploring Zope3.

I think the learning progression of Philipp's worldcookery app is
excellent, but it might be outside of the scope of, again, someone
doing a cursory exploration of Zope3.

Imagine this for a second -- what if we wrote a very simple music
filesystem browser?  We would want to keep this at about the level of
sophistication of the bookmarker app.  I would argue that someone
might see Zope3 and want to know what it was all about.  What better
way to show them by just providing a web interface to their Beastie
Boys collection in a few hundred lines of code?  Useful and cool!

I bet with some simple tweaking of the mp3 id3 tags, we could load in
album images from the web and so forth.  The app could have a function
for zipping together an album to allow an all-at-once download.  And
so forth.  With some screencasts, this could be a fun little
introductory app that someone could get in and out of in an hour.

Just a thought.

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