After looking into formlib, this really looks great! Thanks for the help.
When I use it I see references to the "action" field. Are you familiar with
this? There is some documentation in FormBase as you suggested, but does my
errors refer to "action.submitted" which I'm having trouble finding.

> Formlib
> =======
> If you're using forms and you're running Zope 3.2, look at
> zope.formlib. With formlib, it's easier to see what classes you can
> inherit from and what they're doing and when you might want to
> override a method and would need to call super, and what you would
> need to pass along to the superclass when you do. This is an example
> of what that might look like:
> from zope.formlib import form
> class Function(form.FormBase):
>     # form.Fields finds the fields that might have been provided by
>     # browser:form schema="...ITPM".
>     form_fields = form.Fields(ITPM)
>     base_url = ''
>     # if you have a custom template, you can provide it here
>     # instead of ZCML
>     template = ViewPageTemplateFile('')

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