Wanna watch a 700Kb screencast showing the pre-alpha ZCML Configurator?

It's not finished yet. I've only spent a day and a half on it and it's
missing some important Save features still. It's a commandline tool
that  fires up a browser (notice the -b on the command line in the
beginning) to allow you to manipulate a configure.zcml file as a DOM
tree with lots of nifty javascript fluff and AJAX.

I've tested it with Firefox (linux, windows) and I'm not going to lose
any sleep over it not working in IE or Lynx.

The only zope3 thing about this is that it can suggest clever new
directives and default attributes when you add a new directive through
the little wizard.

There are still a few features missing and a few bugs that I need to
iron out before I can launch anything, but I'm so excited about the
quick progress that I thought I'd share it with you guys.

The motivation was that I got annoyed by people complaining that XML
is so bad. I like XML situps!
(that, and that I wanted some excuse to dabble with more hardcore dom scripting)

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