Joel Moxley wrote:
> Hello list,
> I keep hearing about the wonders of formlib, so I've been trying to
> migrate one of my zcml browser:editform generated forms to formlib. 
> Once I figured out how to "select(...)" fields to avoid problems with
> the "__parent__" field on my interface, this worked acceptably.
> After edit changes are applied, I want to redirect the user to another
> page (ultimately, to the page from which they came).  Before I did
> this with a "changed" method on my edit form class, but this did not
> work when I switched to formlib.
> Below you can see my approach.  From within my "changed" method, I
> manually call "handle_edit_action" which gives a TypeError because the
> 'Action' object is not callable.  Unfortunately, without
> "handle_edit_action", the object never gets changed upon "apply".
> ** What is the best way to use a formlib EditForm to redirect a user
> after applying changes without fully cloning a "handle_edit_action"
> method? **
> Many thanks,
> Joel
> from zope.formlib import form
> from zope.formlib.form import action, haveInputWidgets
> class PitcherEditForm(form.EditForm):
>     form_fields = form.Fields(interfaces.IPitcher).select('Last',
> 'First', 'ERA')
>     @action(_("Apply"), condition=haveInputWidgets)
>     def changed(self, action, data):
>         #TypeError: 'Action' object is not callable
>         self.handle_edit_action(action, data)
>         self.request.response.redirect('../../@@overview.html')

I'm doing it this way :

    def render(self):
        if self.errors is None or self.errors:
            return super(EditPerson, self).render()



Jürgen Kartnaller

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