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> Hi joel,
> I am learning Zope3 and certainly get thru those tutorials you mention.
> Yet, Zope3 is a dark forest for me because there are just too many
> things to remember (I think its Zope3's design drawback). Its like a
> large shop of tools.
> The app which could show their right usage of these tools could be
> great. But. Do not try to be "cool" or "dumbed down".
> It also worries me that the best way to start Zope3 app is to copy
> things from existing one and mend to the taste. Probably good hands-on
> can help get rid of this practice...
> Probably such a simple app doesn't require more than 2 hours from
> seasoned Zope3 developer ;-)
> Regards,
> Roman

I think you're right.  I rethought what an intro app should be, and I
think the bookmarker one gets the job done.

The one drawback for the bookmarker is that there's not documentation
on taking it deeper and making it do more.

Another idea I had would be to take the worldcookery app straight from
the example code chapter 5 or 6 and provide a streamlined "do this in
30 min" introduction.  Then if someone wanted to go deeper into what
they had done or go farther and add more features, philikon's book
would be right there.  The obvious drawback would be the lack of 3.1
and 3.2 specific features.

In any event, I think a well-conceived "official" getting started
guide would carry much weight in that crucial time when someone would
be looking around at various frameworks like ror and django.  There
are some decent guides out there, and I am curious to see what the
consensus would be.
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