Hi all,
I recently bought the "Web component Devlopment with
Zope3" book and downloaded the worldcookery example. I
tried to deploy the example (chapter 5) into my Zope
3.2 instance and restarted it. The book says that I
should click on "Manage Site" and go to "Site
Management" where I will see a "Browse Interfaces"
option, but I couldn't find any such 'Browse
Interfaces' tab. Is this not present in Zope 3.2 or is
my Zope instance not showing the IRecipe interface.
To deploy the example, I moved it to my instances'
python/lib/worldcookery and added the
worldcookery-configure.zcml into etc/package-includes.
Please let me know if anyone is facing similar
problems with this example in Zope 3.2.
Thanks, Sid.
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