Siddhartha Azad wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently bought the "Web component Devlopment with
> Zope3" book and downloaded the worldcookery example. I
> tried to deploy the example (chapter 5) into my Zope
> 3.2 instance and restarted it. The book says that I
> should click on "Manage Site" and go to "Site
> Management" where I will see a "Browse Interfaces"
> option, but I couldn't find any such 'Browse
> Interfaces' tab. Is this not present in Zope 3.2 or is
> my Zope instance not showing the IRecipe interface.
> To deploy the example, I moved it to my instances'
> python/lib/worldcookery and added the
> worldcookery-configure.zcml into etc/package-includes.
> Please let me know if anyone is facing similar
> problems with this example in Zope 3.2.
> Thanks, Sid.

Hi Sid,

My answers are often flawed but I'll plow on anyway.

Philipp's book is great, and I found it pleasant to digest - there have
been plenty of changes since its publication though...

AFAIK there is no longer a "Browse Interfaces" tab...
The route I've been using to get to this information varies a little but:

In your case - point your browser at http://host:port/++apidoc++

This is an invaluable resource! From the top left panel choose
"Interface Types" then in the bottom right expand "IContentType", if all's
well you should find IRecipe in there.

Once you've added a Recipe object to the ZODB you can more quickly find
this kind of information by visiting the object in your browser and
choosing its "Introspector" tab.

Hope this is of some use.

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