On Feb 27, 2006, at 8:39 PM, Joel Moxley wrote:

Damn, I still can't get this working right after following all of the
instructions here.  I can successfully stash the refering url in a
hidden form, but it's not showing up in my request.

I can think of two possible things.

One is that you are maybe getting a form validation error and then pressing Apply, or that you are using a widget that redraws the screen.

Another is that we might have a bug that makes form variables be stomped on by header names. :-(

First try changing

    def referer(self):
        return self.request.getHeader('HTTP_REFERER')


def referer(self):
return self.request.form.get('HTTP_REFERER') or self.request.getHeader('HTTP_REFERER')

Then if that doesn't work, try changing it to

def referer(self):
return self.request.form.get('referrer') or self.request.getHeader('HTTP_REFERER')

and changing your template to have
   <input type="hidden" name="referrer" value=""
        tal:attributes="value view/referer" />

(Sadly, the spec made a spelling error with "referer". :-) )

By the way, my svn update had a conflict at
src/zope/interface/common/.  I deleted the old one and it worked fine,
but I guess I'll note it here.

Yeah, they are rearranging things at PyCon.

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