I'm afraid this is a quite a long post, as I've spent a couple of days
on this one, which has given me quite an exciting tour of Zope3, but
left me with a few questions!

What I want to be able to do is to simply create many 'sites' within a
single instance.  What matters is that each site can have its own
appearance and users (editors).

Now, I'm not sure that my sites actually need to be true Zope3 sites.
Maybe I just need to have a marker interface at the top level of each of
my sites, and that will be enough.  But what I don't seem to have any
way of doing is setting the appearance per site.  I haven't looked at
the users problem yet.

I could set up multiple skins, and then change the skin by using apache
rewrite rules.  But both parts of this are quite hard and complex, and
involve restarting both systems.  I'd like to be able to set simple
things about the appearance TTW.  At this point I fear I'm going very
wrong, but I'll continue anyway  ;-)

I tried having a customising template at <SITE>/template, and attempted
to make my site-wide view class return this page template when my object
template requested it, but the security proxy on the template objected.

I also tried making the template source an attribute of the site object,
and creating a template object from it on demand, but this also failed.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestion as to how I should be
approaching this problem.  I'd be extremely greateful for an additional
indication as to how (if at all) I should have gone about making the
approaches that I took work, even if they were wrong.  After this long,
one really wants to understand what the issues were!!

Many thanks,


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