> > It would be very nice if there were a faq or other doc addressing
all of
> > these scalability-related questions systematically for someone like
> > who understands what a relational database is doing for them (in
> > for squashing all their objects). It seems I'm not the only one with
> > these concerns. :)
> Welcome to Open Source, we look forward to seeing your newly-written
> as it becomes available online ;-)

Well, I've got enough info to write one by now... only, not having
reviewed or tested the code, I couldn't actually vouch for it.

But seriously, coming to Zope for an app server, I had no idea that ZODB
was as robust as it seems to be. I think, from a marketing standpoint
for the Zope corp (and other in the community deriving sustenance from
providing zope-related products and services), it would make a lot of
sense if they at least made the claim in a prominent place that ZODB was
a serious candidate to replace a RDBMS if you didn't absolutely need
SQL. Collecting the info together could be put on the "todo" list, but
motivating people to seek it out would be a good first step.

> > In the meantime, I had an idea about my current implementation:
> > instead of __getstate__ and __setstate__ I should put the external
> > in _v_data (marking as "volatile"). Then I could trap for its
> > and load if necessary; and also have an explicit "refresh" wired to
> > button in the GUI.
> Yup, this is exactly what _v_ was designed for...

- Shaun

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