Under Zope 2 I use repozo (and rsync) to incrementally back up the Data.fs to provide a 'warm' backup, If you can live with losing perhaps 10 minutes worth of data it's a nice and simple solution. repozo.py is a zodb file storage level tool so should work fine with zope 3.

Ensuring that every transaction is replicated is more difficult, Zope Corp's ZRS does it, but was uneconomic for my use case. It's a tricky problem to solve efficiently - any solution will incur a write performance hit. One day I hope to be able to put PGStorage to the test, but even in postgres-land there appear to be many projects providing replication functionality, perhaps a testament to the tradeoffs required.



Alen Stanisic wrote:

what would be the best way of taking a backup of persistent objects
inside Data.fs with possibility to rebuild it on a fresh Zope 3 install
in case of a disaster recovery lets say.


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